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[ST] News and Updates from STMicroelectronics - April 2014

큰 테두리

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작성일 : 14-04-10 18:07조회수 : 3,071


News and Updates from STMicroelectronics

April 2014


Product news

Free your SMPS designs from opto-couplers with VIPer26

Reduce component count and minimize board size by removing the opto-coupler from your Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) design using a primary-side regulation fly-back architecture based on VIPer26, a high-voltage converter from ST’s VIPerPlus family. With the STEVAL-ISA081V1 demonstration board you can put your hands on a compact and cost-effective 12W SMPS with universal input (85 to 305 VRMS) and dual output (3.3 and 12 V); ideal for adapters for consumer and home automation applications. More

Further miniaturization achieved for EEPROMs with the 1.4 mm x 1.7 mm UFDFPN5 package 

Ideal for building ultra-small, lightweight applications, the low-profile UFDFPN5 package (also known as MLP5) simplifies manufacturing thanks to its standard size. It is 60% smaller than the UFDFPN8 and weighs a mere 7 mg! The new EEPROM package range starts with the M24C16-FMH6TG. This 16-Kbit device is compatible with 400 kHz and 100 kHz I2C™-bus modes, has maximum byte or page write time of just 5 ms, and consumes only 1 mA in read or write mode and 1 µA in standby. 32-, 64- and 128-Kbit variants supporting I2C communication will follow during 2014. More

Galvanically isolated intelligent power switch reduces part count and improves reliability

With an on-chip galvanically isolated input /output connection, the ISO8200B provides an octal intelligent high side power switches array helping to reduce board space and component count while improving system reliability in harsh factory automation environments. Based on ST’s unique high frequency modulated technology featuring a superior noise immunity, the ISO8200B provides low losses and a complete set of diagnostics to safely drive all kind of loads in the high-end industrial environment. More

New KERKEY™ secure solution for smart grid applications

Increasing energy costs and complexity of the smart grid also increase the likelihood of malicious attack, making strong security mandatory.  KERKEY™ is the industry-first ready-to-use solution to use the Java Card operating system (JC2.2) and include personalization. It gives a unique flexibility to program application features and implement cryptography functions to protect against such attacks. KERKEY™  is certified common criteria (CC) EAL4+ and AVA-VAN level 5, as well as fulfilling the BSI protection profile for smart grid security modules. More

New AEC-Q101 qualified 1200 V / 15 A ultrafast diode in D²PAK

The new STTH1512-Y is an AEC-Q101 qualified automotive-grade ultrafast diode. It is optimized for low-loss performance in high-frequency, hard-switched applications including AC/DC and DC/DC converters as well as auxiliary and traction inverters in hybrid and electric vehicle systems. Packaged in D²PAK for high-power density, it uses aluminum ribbon bonding for improved robustness with an operating junction temperature from -40 to +175 °C for higher security and design margin. More

New automotive-grade 4-line device protects high-speed ports

The HSP061-4M10Y is AEC-Q101 qualified and designed to protect high-speed communications in the automotive environment. Its line capacitance (0.3 pF IO/IO) makes it suitable for any automotive communication port including APIX, LVDS, USB3.0, HDMI, and Ethernet. Its integration and flow through routing structure (4 lines in µQFN-10L) make it suitable for high-density PCBs and simplifies design effort. The HSP061-4M10Y complies with ISO 10605 and ISO 7637-3 standards. For 2-line automotive protection, the USBLC6-2SC6Y (2.5 pF) or HSP061-2P6Y (0.6 pF) are recommended. More

LIN drivers for SPC56 microcontrollers available for free download

Many mechanical components in the automotive sector are replaced by intelligent mechatronic systems serially connected. LIN communication bus is a standard serial communication protocol for peripheral devices like car seats, door locks, sun roofs, rain sensors, mirrors and so on. The bus is a single data-wire, single master/multiple slave bus. To ease LIN adoption ST offers LIN master and slave software libraries together with bus configuration examples compliant with LIN 2.0 and 2.1 specifications. All SPC56 32-bit MCUs offer specific peripherals (Linflex) for LIN communication. More

New antenna-tuning circuit boosts LTE smartphone performance

ST’s STHVDAC-253M is designed for the latest LTE smartphone generation. It practically eliminates changes in antenna performance due to hand position or other external effects and enables a stronger signal, fewer dropped calls, faster data rates, and longer battery life. The STHVDAC-253M controls tunable capacitors, such as ST’s STPTIC series to combine the fixed inductance of the mobile device’s antenna to optimally match the resonant frequency of the antenna and the frequency band being used. It supports all MIPI RFFE features in a tiny 1.6 x 1.7 mm flip-chip package. More

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